Can I export a map as a PDF?

UrbanFootprint exports maps to PNG and SVG formats. While PDF exports are not available, SVG exports may serve your needs. SVG exports are vector image files can be opened and edited using Adobe Illustrator or other vector graphics editing programs. From Illustrator, you can save to PDF.

An SVG map export includes all map layers, symbolized and at the same extent as they appear in the map export view. The option to export a map to SVG is available through the Map Export feature. See the Exporting Maps to SVG article or tutorial for more information.

A PNG map export is a raster image that includes map layout elements (legend, title, logo, scale bar, and north arrow). See Exporting Maps to PNG for more information.

Single layers can also be exported in their entirety as SVG files. For more information about exporting individual layers to SVG, see the Exporting Layer Data article or tutorial.

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