Does the context area I choose impact analysis module outputs?

No, the context area as defined upon project creation is not referenced by the analysis modules. Certain modules do incorporate data from areas beyond the project area boundary, but do not rely on the context area definition to determine what areas to pull data from.

The Walk and Transit Accessibility modules, for example, measure access to jobs and destinations within an "access area" that extends 50 kilometers beyond a project area. Similarly, the Transportation module gauges driving access to destinations within 150 kilometers of a project area. While these areas may contain or overlap with a context area, they do not correspond directly.

For more information about context areas, see What is a context area and how is it used?

If you are interested in running analysis for areas beyond your current project area, you might consider creating a new project that includes the broader area as the project area. If project size limits are an issue, please contact UrbanFootprint support for assistance.

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