How can I make changes to a type that's already in use?

Building and Place Types that are in use in a Base Canvas or a scenario are “locked” and cannot be edited. You can, however, make a copy of a type to edit its composition (for example, adjusting the Component proportions within a Building Type, or the Building Type and right-of-way proportions within a Place Type) to change its characteristics.

To create a new type on the basis of an existing type, select the existing type in the Building Types or Place Types screen of the Land Use Type Manager (accessed via Manage mode), click Save as to create a copy, and proceed with editing the type information, description, and composition. See Using the Land Use Type Manager for more details on specifying types and the Components of which they are composed.

You can replace instances of the “old” type in your scenarios by filtering for them in your scenario canvas. Add a filter for the Land Use Type (L4) column and select the old type. Narrow your selection to features that have already been painted by adding a filter for the Painted column. Then, paint the selected features with the new version of the type. See Building Land Use Scenarios for more details on painting.

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