Why am I seeing mis-typed parcels in the Base Canvas?

UrbanFootprint uses commercially available parcel data as well as a variety of supplemental location-based data to determine a generalized land use designation. An overview of the algorithm to determine these designations can be found in the Base Parcel Canvas Creation Methodology.

While we are constantly working to improve the accuracy of our base canvas, sometimes parcel data can be assigned an incorrect land use designation. This can happen when our data sources are out of sync with local data. Because we recognize the importance of keeping our parcel data accurate and up to date we have several methods of working with customers to update parcels that may be incorrectly designated. You can directly reclassify parcels in your projects – see Editing the Base Canvas for detailed steps. We can also work directly with you if you require more specialized changes; please contact UrbanFootprint support for assistance.

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